is your number one inventory partner to help maximize your profits within many categories, but first get the scope on insider bidding tips to set you up for success.

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Insider Bidding Tips

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Every organization has surplus – assets or inventory no longer required. Liquidity Services (NASDAQ: LQDT) works with clients to ensure surplus is intelligently transformed from a burden into a liquid opportunity that fuels the achievement of strategic goals. Our superior service, unmatched scale, and ability to deliver results enable us to forge trusted, long-term relationships with over 9,000 clients, including Fortune 1000 and Global 500 organizations as well as government agencies. With nearly $7 billion in completed transactions, 3 million registered buyers, and reach into almost 200 countries and territories, we are the proven market leader in delivering smart surplus solutions. Let us build a better future for your surplus. Visit us at

Smart Bidding

Continual Success strongly urges buyers to research before you bid. Learn everything you can about the item, find answers to your questions, check the seller's rating, research the product's value wants buyer to plan ahead. Make sure you're contact information is up-to-date, start early, plan for alternate access coaches buyers to consider their buying options. Determine the max amount you're willing to spend, understanding proxy bidding, make every bid a serious bid, consider fixed-price auctions

Research and knowledge of the auction world are very important, and with that under your belt it's time to maximize your efficiency on

Contact Profile: During the bidding process you'll be asked to provide your shipping address as well as a default credit card. Having all this information - including all possible shipping addresses - already on file can speed up your bid process by up to 5 minutes, which could mean the difference of winning or losing an auction.

TIP: Be sure to update your email preferences for inventory categories of interest as we'll alert you of new or closing soon auctions you may be interested in. 

Website Features: Set up a search agent with all your required criteria and we'll search the site daily, weekly or monthly - however often you wish! To set up a search agent today click here (note: you need to be logged in to view this page).

TIP: Sign up for text message alerts on active auctions, and get notified the instant you've been outbid so you can increase your bid while on-the-go. To enable text message alerts for active auctions click here. (note: you need to be logged in to view this page)

‚ÄčStill have questions about our auctions? Check out our FAQ or contact customer service at 1-800-498-1909 for assistance.

Armed with the information you're now ready to bid, so let's review your options into finding the right auction type and approach to use so every bid you make is a serious bid:

Watchlist: If there is an auction of interest, add it to your watchlist to keep track of the price before it closes.

TIP: When ready, place a bid - or multiple bids - directly from your watchlist.

Proxy Bidding: A proxy agent will automatically bid on your behalf using the smallest amount necessary to keep you as the highest bidder.

TIP: When factoring in your maximum amount, be sure to include:

Shipping Costs: use our shipping calculator, arrange your own shipping or pick-up at one of our warehouses

Buyer's Premium: this may range from 5-8%; check the auction page to determine the premium for your auction(s)

Any additional costs that may impact your profit margin

Learning everything you can about an auction is an obvious place to start, and our auction listing pages have an abundance of information:

Manifests: Majority of auctions include an itemized list of what to expect down to the model numbers, quantity of each item and retail price by item.

TIP: Identify how much you could sell each item, and then factor in your budgeted cost for the auction; this will ensure you make a profit.

Photos: Use photos to see how items are packaged, condition of retail boxes and overall product mix.

Descriptions: All auctions are sold under the name, but many auctions come from various online retailers. The descriptions are meant to give you additional information about the seller, details into the condition of the items, highlights of the items included, and anything else the seller believes would help you understand how to make a bid evaluation.

Seller Rating: Get details about a seller by viewing their rating. Located at the top of the auction page, underneath their name, we provide information into their performance of selling on

Look up Closed Auctions: Use the advanced search settings to enter the criteria of the current auction to see what they’ve sold for in the past. This will help you make a winning bid, based on solid research.